• Make sure to apply nourishing cuticle oil twice a day (if you don't have any, you can pick this up from a high street store). More importantly make sure you apply the cuticle oil on the underneath of the free edge. The cuticle oil is enriched with oils to re-hydrate and condition the nail plate and will NOT cause any lifting to the product.

  • Make sure when washing up or doing any hose chores, gardening to wear gloves to protect your gelish manicure from any chips, lifts or breakages. 

  • Wear gloves when applying fake tan. Wash your hands after applying sunscreen.

  • Avoid S.P.F products, tinted lotions and hair colour as these can discolour your nails. Always wash your hands thoroughly or wear gloves.

  • If you have broken or chipped a nail, please make an appointment with your nail technician soon as possible to avoid further damage to the nails.

  • Your nails have been done by a professional therefore it is highly recommended that your nails are taken off in a professional way. It is NOT ideal to remove the nails on your own. If you would like advice on how to remove your nails , please ask for advice from your nail technician.

  • Please do NOT pick, bite or peel off your nails. Your nails are not indestructible. Gelish is designed to create a adhesive bond to the natural nail plate, doing this would cause damage to your own nails. 

  • Book your next maintenance appointment 2-3 weeks at a time to avoid disappointment

  • Use the pads of your fingers when opening car doors, changing the beds to avoid nails pinging off or breaking. 

  • If wearing a pale gelish colour or french then make sure to wear gloves when using tanning products to avoid staining your nails. 

  • DO NOT file your nail unless absolutely necessary as over filing can cause damage to your nails. Make sure you file gently in a downward stroke.

  • Avoid exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals such as cleansers or acetone based nail polish removers. These can break down the surface of the gelish product and may cause lifting and staining. 

  • Finally take care of your nails, treat them like jewels not tools! :) by following these guidelines your gelish nails can still look beautiful from the day they were done. 

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