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What is cruelty free?

Essentially, cruelty-free means that no animals were hurt or killed in the creation of the products - for example, killing or harming animals to collect ingredients and, of course, testing products on them. Luckily, and especially in the past few years, many beauty brands have called for a complete stop to animal testing and many go even further by making their products vegetarian or vegan and supporting charities that protect animals and their environments. And with so many incredible plant-based ingredients and scientific innovations, there's really no need (or excuse!) to resort to harming our furry friends.

It's no secret veganism has become huge over the last few years. Countless celebrities have started following the vegan lifestyle, supermarkets have started stocking vegan produce by the truck load and it's not uncommon for someone you know to have at least tried it out, right?

Pinterest recently reported that searches for vegan beauty are up 281% since 2017, with more and more people keen to get involved in green beauty.

Whether it’s for health, happiness or principled ethics, what’s clear is that it's part of a growing global movement that’s not just about the food we consume, but making cruelty-free and sustainable choices when it comes to what we wear and the beauty products we apply.

Brands We Use...

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Lash FX, cruelty free lashes