This treatment is like 'Olaplex' for hair, but for nails!

We polish our nails. We pick them. We bite them. We are all guilty of treating our nails poorly at times. Luckily, the IBX Nail System is here to mend our manicure-related woes, by targeting imperfections, and strengthening nails at their core. 

IBX is the first nail treatment of its kind. It’s a professional salon service that repairs our client’s weak and damaged nails. IBX is an insurance policy that is worn under gel polish, and eliminates the wear and tear of the frequent removal of gel polish from your nails.


“It works in a similar way to Olaplex for damaged hair,”  basically... “When gel or acrylics are removed roughly, it can create ridges and gaps in the nail which lead to flaking and breakage – IBX fills these gaps in.”

IBX may sound like some kind of military acronym, but say it to any manicurist and you’re likely to receive glowing reports of how it’s brought clients’ nails back from the brink. While it’s not new - it launched in the UK in 2014 - there’s still nothing out there to rival its rehab potential.

IBX is a natural nail strengthening system made to Toughen, Repair and Protect the natural nail. IBX is HEMA Free




IBX works IN the upper layers of  the nail plate… Not On Top like traditional nail enhancement products.

IBX bonds to itself and not to the keratin in the nail plate… avoiding the brittleness that occurs with formaldehyde based products.


Upon curing, IBX forms an IPN (Interpenetrating Polymer Network) within the upper layers of the nail plate

The IPN is what gives the nail the toughness to encourage natural nail growth or to protect the nail under Gel Polish.

IBX system how it works
IBX System nail treatment


Famous Names LLC was founded in 2010 by Linda and Jim Nordstrom and Lisa and Ken Cooper. Jim and Linda have spent their entire professional careers in The Professional Beauty Industry. 


Linda became an Educator and Advocate for Nail Technicians and Artists worldwide. With over thirty years of experience, she now leads the global educational and customer support strategy for Famous Names, and still finds the time to be a tireless and supportive daily resource for an ever growing network of enthusiastic Nail Professionals.

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