ASP Acrylic Quick Dipping System

If your nails are healthy and strong then go for the quick dipping system on your natural nails. its light, versatile and helps to strengthen natural nails.  Always fabulous results, flawless finish. No bumps or thick acrylic application, acrylic application is evenly distributed. 

*Please Note: Treatment is NOT recommended if nails are bitten, weak, soft, or brittle. The acrylic will not adhere to your nail plate and the nails wont last long*

** PLEASE NOTE:  If you require a soak off on acrylics that are NOT done by myself, there is a charge of £10.00 additional to the cost of your treatment **

ASP Quick Dip Acrylic Powder is a nail colour system that delivers the newest technology in nail strengthening. ​

This system doesn't use any acrylic liquid (monomer) or acrylic brush. Its odorless, and you basically dip your nail into the acrylic powder....and 'Ta Da!' the acrylic sets! 

The steps are repeated 2/3 times depending on the application of acrylic. You don't even need to use a LED lamp, however if your looking for a high gloss shiny finish then 'Glaze n Go' is recommended which will need to be cured with a LED lamp for 30 seconds


Quick Dip Acrylics (Natural Nails)

From: £25.00

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Quick Dip Infills (with Tips)

From: £25.00

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Quick Dip Nail Repair (Per Nail)



Quick Dip Acrylics (With Tips)

From: £28.00

Another happy client! ❤️💅 My client bou

Quick Dip Acrylics (Natural) + Gelish



Soak off + Gelish Nail Treatment


Close up of the gorgeous nails with the

Quick Dip Acrylics (Tips) + Gelish


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Quick Dip Natural Infills

From: £20.00

Who loves polka dots!! My clients cute n

Soak off + New Set Natural

From: £33.00

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