Why do Acrylic Nails lift?

Updated: Apr 4, 2020


It's so easy to think what if my nail tech did something wrong? the cause could be anything and could be down to some untrained nail tech or simply other hidden factors.

OBSERVABLE CAUSES. Many times the cause is tied closely to the lack of proper preparation by the Technician at the time the nails are applied. The best products will not adhere the acrylic to the nail plate if the preparation has not been performed properly.

1. Natural Oils. The natural oil must be removed so that the nail has a dull finish prior to the application of a primer.

2. Moist Nails. Moisture on the nails at the time the primer is applied prevents bonding in much the same manner that natural oils do.

3. Pterygium. The pterygium is an overgrowth of cuticle that sticks to the nail plate. It must be completely removed, or the primer cannot reach the nail plate and lifting will result.

4. Excess Dust. Grit can cause lifting. Remove with a duster brush, be thorough!Nervous Habits. Caution your clients that picking and biting nails can cause lifting.

5. Occupational Hazards. Typing, keypunching and similar activities can cause pressure on the nails.

6. Misuse of Nails. Using nails as screwdrivers or other such tools is not recommended and can cause lifting.

7. Electric Files. Filing friction and heat build up by drills or files.

8. Diseased Nail Plate. State Licensing Boards have determined that this problem is beyond the scope of the technician's practice. Professional medical attention is required.


* Heart Medications

* Diuretics and too much Vitamin B-6

* Medication for sugar diabetes (Insulin)Thyroid Medications

* Allergies and sensitivity to the product itself.

* Bacteria in the client's system.


* Contaminated primer (dust in the primer) or liquid or acrylic powder.

* Smoke in the air accumulates on the nails before the product is applied.

* Mixing products from two or more manufacturers which may be chemically incompatible.

* Nail plate saturated with too much primer.

* Glue

* Household cleaning products

* Lemons and Limes and other Acidic Juices.

I hope this info helps :) please look after your beautiful nails xx


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