Weak Nails - What To Do?

How to manage weak nails during coronavirus pandemic!

The whole nation has been tragically affected with this awful infectious virus called the 'Coronavirus'. Across the world have been instructed with lock-down measures meaning only going out for essentials only. The government have sent out strict instructions to self isolate and social distancing. These unprecedented times have affected so many peoples lives, job losses, lack of income and in general disrupted our daily routine lives, what we use to do, we no longer can until we can halt the spread of conronavirus. Businesses have closed, hairdressers, beauty salons, nail salons and many other business as only essential businesses are allowed to be open.

Question is, what do we do with nail and beauty issues?

I've had many messages regarding people asking me what do they do with their nails i.e. taking off gels, how to soak off acrylic nails to how to get my nails healthy & strong. Well my lovelies, your nail guru is here to help! :) I will cover few topics on my blog regarding nail maintenance and beauty tips.

First topic: Weak Nails - What To Do?

Weak nails can be a really big pain, especially if they chip and break often. While strengthening your weak nails may feel like an impossible task, there are several preventative measures and remedies you can try on your own. However you should see a doctor if your nails don’t improve after 3-6 months, you may notice small improvements if you follow our tips below. Please note for results to show it can take number of weeks even months, so be patient because the results will be worth it! :)

1. Make sure gel removal is done correctly

Picking off gel is probably the worst thing you can do to your nails!....NO, please do not do this. The immediate effects are harming the nail plate because you’re removing the top layers of the actual nail along with your polish. If you do peel of the gels polish this can absolutely weaken not to mention damage your nails & have a long lasting affect to your nails. The long-term effects are thinning of the nails, harm to the nail bed, and irregularities on the nail plate and in growth patterns.

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Load up on hydration

Now that the gel-dip-acrylic is off, the key is to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Prolonged use of gel mani's and acrylics dehydrates your nails, making them dry, brittle, and fragile.

A cuticle oil is MOST ESSENTIAL for deep hydration. Focus on slathering it not only on the nail itself, but also massaging it well into the cuticle; the cuticle is where new, healthy nail growth will start so it’s important to nourish and hydrate this area.

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Take a break from colour

I can tell you that we totally notice a difference in the strength and health of the nails when our clients do take a break. Many people think taking a break from gel, acrylic or nail polish is letting our nails 'breathe' no such thing, this is a myth! The reality is that nails do not actually "breathe," as they receive their nutrients and oxygen from the blood stream and not the air.

If you really need to keep them polished, use a nail strengthener as a base coat, You can also look for a colour that contains strengthening ingredients.

Go short

Whether you realise it or not, when you have long nails you’re constantly hitting them on your keyboard, the door, you name it. People underestimate how much of an impact this has on your nail. Keep your nails short and give them a chance to grow out stronger and healthier.

Take a supplement

We believe taking the right supplements can help strengthen your tips from the inside, out! Collagen; An essential protein for hair, skin, and nails, indigestible collagen supplements are easily incorporated into your daily routine and can help promote healthy nails! Along with supplements, you can also get these internal benefits by focusing on incorporating biotin-rich and collagen-synthesising foods in your diet, such as salmon, avocados, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, and nuts and seeds.

Holland & Barrett - Skin, Nails & Hair Supplements

Maintaining your nails at home can be difficult if your not sure what to do or what products your suppose to use. However we hope that these few tips have helped you on kick starting to get stronger, healthier nails ready for your next nail appointment! :)

Please do take a look at our 'At Home' Nail Kits as these are fantastic little kits to help keep your nails looking healthier.

Thank you

Keep Safe xx

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