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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

When you’re in business for yourself, there’s nothing more important than showing potential customers or clients just what you can do :)

I loved art and textiles in school & college, I knew I had a creative flare when art gave me the freedom to be limitless in what I could design just from my imagination and enjoy it!

When I started my nail course in Manchester (Walkden Campus) I absolutely loved it! This was a full time course and the tutors were brilliant, the class wasn't packed which was good. I learnt a lot, however my first set of acrylic nails weren't great at ( I called them door stoppers) but as I persevered and kept practising I got better and better, I wasn't interested in being perfect because nobody is perfect. I just wanted to do a decent set of nails!

As part of the course we did a little on fashion photography which was really interesting. I took part in quiet a few photo-shoots, and the college end of year Nail show which I won 1st place!

Please take a look at some of my creative work....enjoy!!

My Mood Board for the Burlesque themed college Nail Show 2011

Mood boards are a great way of combining all your inspiration into something visual. The college end of year Nail Show was based on 'Burlesque' theme. I created a mood board to represent all the burlesque artists in the 50s...loved it!

My model, for the college show 2011

Here I designed this outfit myself using newspaper that I folded into fans, attached the folded fans onto a white underskirt and sprayed gold for a glamorous 50's inspired look.

The top was designed using duct tape and a bra I attached onto the bodice part and spray gold to mimic a corset. The gloves were painted on using white body paint as well as the stockings.

The Nails are 3D stiletto acrylic nails that I designed freehand.

Hair and makeup was also done by me.

Hair & Makeup based for college show, burlesque theme

My lovely model did really well pulling all this off, I was so proud of my hard work and to come 1st was just amazing!!

So there you have it, my lovely creative hard work. I do have a lot of passion for what I do and as you can see I really enjoy being creative!

I hope you all enjoyed looking at my 'Hall of Fame'

See you next time (05.08.2019) as ill be showcasing my work for the photo shoots i did in college

Have a good day xx


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