How To Deal With Puffy Eyes?

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Puffiness??....Is it impossible for you to wake up bright-eyed and bushy tailed?

Perhaps you arise before the birds every day for a long commute. Or maybe you've been crying while watching a soppy movie. 

Whatever the case, you're suffering from puffy eyes. It isn't a pretty sight. You wish you could just wear a face mask all day. You need help—fast!

Below are some useful tips that may help.....Good Luck!

How To Get Deal With Puffy Eyes

Q. How can I get rid of under-eye puffiness?

Try some tea. Soak two caffeinated tea bags in warm water. Chill this mild diuretic for a few minutes in the fridge. Put one bag on each eye for five minutes to leave eyes feeling refreshed. The tea's caffeine helps constrict the eye's blood vessels, reducing your puffy eyes.

Slice some cucumber. Hit the produce aisle for brighter eyes and a refreshed feeling all over. Cut a few slices of cold cucumbers; they contain antioxidants that help reduce irritation. Lie down. For 30 minutes, place a slice over each eye. The coolness will help soothe puffiness.

Snag your baby's teething rings. You read that right! This baby pain soother can help invigorate you and decrease eye puffiness. Place two gel-filled teething rings in the freezer. Keep them there until they're ice cold. Lie down. For about 10 minutes, put the rings on your closed eyelids

Cut back on sugar. When you eat sugar, you're triggering inflammation all over your body. Since the skin under the eye is prone to swelling and it's thin, you're seeing that inflammation there. Try to cut as much sugar as possible from your diet and you'll notice an immediate improvement. 

Say goodbye to hairspray. The tiny aerosol particles are known to get on eyelids and irritate the skin in the area. Try to avoid using it if possible. Can't give it up? Wash your face after you spray to help eliminate some of the particles. Also, proceed carefully when using other sprays like deodorants, room fresheners and body mists (especially if you're sensitive to dust, pollen and pets)

Put on a potato. Did you know that potatoes can help alleviate eye puffiness? Potatoes contain a skin-lightening enzyme that can help relieve swelling. Grate two tablespoons of raw potato. Place it into two empty tea bags (to keep things clean) and put one over each eye

Hydrate. Dehydration can cause eye puffiness. Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. And speaking of beverages, limit alcohol, which can make you dehydrated.

Watch your salt. Salt makes you retain fluid. And that makes you bloated everywhere, especially near the eyes, where there's little room for the fluid to disperse. Lower your salt intake by avoiding high-sodium items like prepackaged soups, pizza and potato chips.

Address allergies. Do you have allergies seasonally or year-round? They can cause puffiness. Allergies can make you rub your eyes more, and they get even puffier. Speak with your doctor or local chemist to help with the right treatment.

I hope this has helped xx


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