How To Deal With Nail Ridges?

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Q. What is the best way to get rid of nail ridges (rather than just 'filling them' with a product)? I find that buffing them weakens the nails and makes them peel.

Many of my clients ask me this question and there's never a simple answer. I'm hoping this article can help you to understand why ridges happen and the best way to deal with ridges :)

“It's not easy to get rid of ridges in nails. Buffing too much can weaken the nail structure and painting them with a nail ridge filler is a good option, however purely cosmetic.

The issue is knowing what caused the ridges in the nails and how long they have been there. There are a few causes: Hereditary, damage to the nail bed or nail plate, health concerns such as circulatory problems, IE arthritis types of diseases, and even diabetes sufferers will have lines and ridges in their nails. They also develop as we age, like lines and wrinkles for our nails. So fixing the cause will improve the problem, but that may not be fixable and the only options are then cosmetic filling and buffing.

Nail ridges

So how can we deal with our nail ridges?

A favourite treatment of mine is a gentle weekly buff and a daily application of 'Sally Hansen - vitamin E & Nail Cuticle oil'. Use a good hand cream and massage nails when you apply the oil or cream to help stimulate blood flow and cell turnover. Keep hands out of water whenever possible and wear gloves for all chores. Taking a supplement with biotin can help, however expect to get results over time as it will be at least two to three months before any changes will be noticeable.” -

How To Apply:

1. Brush Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil onto nails and cuticles nightly.

2. Massage in to help increase circulation to the nail bed and stimulate new nail growth.

3. If used before a manicure or pedicure, remove thoroughly with soap and water or nail polish remover before applying nail enamel - reapply after nail enamel is dry.

An intensely moisturising Vitamin E oil that softens cuticles and cares for dry, brittle nails.

Natural Essential Oil Complex with Vitamin E, Wheat Germ, Apricot Kernel, Aloe & Panthenol moisturises & conditions cuticles while increasing nail flexibility. Salon tested. Dermatologist tested.


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