Bridal Nails, Need inspiration?

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Are you in need of some wedding nail inspiration? Are you stuck with so many damn choices but you’re struggling to find the best one that goes with your wedding theme? I struggle to choose a meal on a restaurant menu!...

When I got married (15 years ago) I wasn't a qualified nail technician or beautician. However I knew the technique and always loved to do anything with nails & beauty, so I did my own nails for my wedding. They weren't brilliant or bad, I think back then it was a case of trying to keep within the wedding budget...weddings aren't cheap!

15 years ago I would of loved to of come across a blog like this to give me some tips on my own wedding nails! lol :) It is the wedding season and I hope this article can give you some inspiration for your wedding nails!! xxx

"Congratulations on your special day"

My Client's gorgeous bridal nails with 3D white rose & diamante's

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when choosing the perfect wedding nails...

* The key is to always go as simple as possible, SIMPLE IS A LOT.

* Stick to the natural colour range and follow the theme of your wedding makeup and dress.

* Pay attention to your skin tone as certain colours brighten skin tones while others can clash or make the skin look totally washed out. Cool skin tones are typically fair and have blue or pink undertones which suit pinky nude shades. While others with more of warmer skin tones, like yellow or olive undertones, often suit nudes and yellow/golden or peachy neutrals.

* Choose what is comfortable for you, like keep them short if you’ve never had long nails before.

* Book for a nail trial run if your not 100% sure of what will suit you.

* Choose gel polish over nail varnish as you don’t need to worry so much about your nail colour chipping or smudging and, guess what? It lasts longer even until your honeymoon is over.

* If you’re someone that bites your nails or have jump ski nails or brittle nails, choose Acrylic or Hard Gel Extensions to hide all those imperfections.

* If you have had hand surgery, please ensure you notify the manicurist first thing before starting with any treatment procedures.

I hope these tips help, below are some nails that I have done which could be used as bridal nails.

TAKE A LOOK at my 12 nail ideas for your perfect bridal nails xx

Classic french acrylic nails (done by Scratch Divas)

Simple nude bridal acrylic nails (done by Scratch Divas)

Bold colour bridal gel nails (done by Scratch Divas)

Nude & Glitter Acrylic Nails (done by Scratch Divas)

White/rose gold glitter acrylic nails (done by Scratch Divas)

Gold chrome acrylic nails (done by Scratch Divas)

Short acrylic silver glitter nails (done by Scratch Divas)

Long acrylic glitter tip nails (done by Scratch Divas)

French acrylic bridal nails with 3D nail art (done by Scratch Divas)

nude & gold glitter acrylic nails (done by scratch divas)

Nude acrylic nails with dark glitter accent nail & silver gems (don by Scratch Divas)

Baby subtle glitter pink acrylic nails with silver stars (done by Scratch Divas)

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you have the best wedding day and have those perfect nails for your special day! xx


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