Acrylic Dipping Powder Removal

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

The correct way & safely!

If you have have purchased one of our FABULOUS 'Home Kits' and wandering how to correctly & safely do a acrylic dipping powder removal, then you have come to the right pace!

So lets get started...

Checklist, make sure all the items are included in your kit:

* File

* Cuticle Pusher

* 10 Removal Foils

* Mini Bottle of Acetone

* Acetone Pipette

* Gloves

* Hand Cream

* Cuticle Oil

Firstly Wash & sanitize your hands....

The Gloves - Pop a glove on 1 hand, whichever one your going to be using the acetone with. To protect you from any spills when dousing the cotton pad.

Keep 1 hand glove free :)

The File - Pick up file with gloved hand and file off the shiny top layer on the nails, so it looks dull & slightly rough to the touch (repeat on all 5 fingers) When filing, because it's dipping powder you may need to file a few times to thin the layers.

The Cuticle Pusher - Once all 5 nails have been filed, gently push the cuticles back, this is to make sure the cuticles aren't stuck to the acrylic & that you should see a margin between acrylic & cuticle, if you have re-growth.

*Protect your skin - apply cuticle oil around the skin to protect it from the acetone*

The Removal Foil & Acetone - Grab 1 of the foils and with your acetone douse the pad with the 'pipette' a little (don't drench) just be careful with acetone its a chemical therefore must be used correctly. Place the foil on the nail on the acrylic & wrap the foil around the finger so it sits snug.

* Wait 10 - 15 min*

Remove 1 foil at time to see if the acrylic has lifted/crumbled. Use the cuticle pusher back & forth to scrape off the acrylic. You may find the acrylic looks soft & gooey don't worry this is normal. If there's still some acrylic left on the nail plate, use the file to buff it off. If it hasn't come off, repeat removal steps & pop on the foils again, douse the cotton pad again if you need to.

Once all the acrylic has come off ( repeat steps on other hand)

* Wash & Dry Hands *

The Cuticle Oil - When both hands are done, get your cuticle oil and apply it around the cuticle area & massage it in, its recommended you use your oil twice a day (AM/PM). If your cuticles are dry, your nail plate is dry, your skin becomes dry which causes hangnails around the cuticles. When your cuticles are nourished & hydrated you'll find that gel polish & manicures will last longer and won't chip or lift.

The Hand Cream - This is essential if you suffer with dry skin. Especially after a removal, it is important to nourish and re-hydrate your nails aswell as you hands to stimulate the nail restore process & to put back moisture in the skin.

And your done!

Ta Da!

You have successfully done a soak off. Give it a week and you will be ready to book in for your fresh set of dipping powder nails :)

We hope these instructions have helped. Please follow the instructions carefully & safely to prevent damaging your nails. This is the CORRECT & SAFE way of a acrylic dipping powder removal.

Thank you

Hannah x


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