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Girls just wanna have fun!!...We hear you!! and know girls love to dress up, play with make-up and feel pampered, so what better way to celebrate a birthday than with a pampering session and lots of girly fun! :)

Our fabulous pamper parties for kids and teens are for parents who wish to book the most fun filled pamper party for their child and their friends who are aged between 6 - 16.

Why not add a few extra girly bits to your pamper party to make it just that little bit more special for the birthday girl and her friends?.....See below for our great party additions


* Face mask with cucumbers                                     £3.00

* Foot mask                                                              £2.00

* Head massage                                                         £3.00 

* Foot Massage                                                          £2.00

* Hand Massage                                                         £2.00 

* Glitter Lips                                                             £2.00

(As seen on TV)

* Mini makeover (light makeup)                                £5.00

* File & Polish Toes                                                   £4.00

* File & Polish Hands                                                 £4.00

* Hollywood Gem Toes                                                £6.00

* Face painting                                                          £5.00

* Glitter Body Tattoos                                               £2.00

* Gelish Express Mani                                                £10.00 (16yrs)

* Gelish Express Pedi                                                 £10.00 (16yrs)

Afternoon Teen Party!

Little Glitter Divas!

Teen Glamour Queen!

Mother & Daughter!

Princess & Unicorns!

All Dolled Up - Ultimate Party!

Party Like a diva!