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Individual eyelash extensions, are made from a synthetic material and are strong, flexible and natural looking. A synthetic eyelash is adhered to an individual natural eyelash using the finest medical grade adhesive. They are supplied in a variety of curls, lengths and thicknesses to create the look desired.

With expert application eyelash extensions behave just like natural eyelashes but achieve a thicker, fuller and more flattering look.

Lifestyle and daily routine should be taken into consideration when choosing the best lashes for you. It is important that you accept the suggestions of your eyelash extension technician so that you achieve the look and style best suited to your face and eye shape. The length and texture of your natural lashes have to be considered before choosing the length and thickness of the eyelash extension.

Eyelash extensions open up the eyes, dramatically framing them. Your overall look is improved, confidence boosted and you will never want to be without them!

Eyelashes will fall out naturally as part of the natural growth cycle of an eyelash. (This is usually around 2/2.5 weeks) however with infills the lashes can last longer, but we do recommend that you have no more than 2/3 infills max! before you need a 2 week break to restore your lashes. 

Mink Lash Extensions (Individual)

These Lashes are synthetic.

All of our lash treatments aim to promote full, volume and natural look. 

From: £40.00

Mink & Ellipse Lashes (Synthetic & Soft)

Mink & C Curl Ellipse lashes are a combination of synthetic and soft based lashes. This treatment aims to provide a more flattering look, but still keeping it natural looking like your own lashes.

From: £48.00

Mink Lash Infills

Mink infills should be done between 2-3 weeks, as some lashes will fall out naturally. Any longer, a full set may be required.


From: £28.00

Cluster Lash Infills

Since cluster lashes don't last long, it is advised to have the infills after a week (if you've only had cluster lashes)



Mink & Cluster Lashes (Combi)

These Lashes are a combination of synthetic & Soft.  The silk and synthetic combination gives the effect of a subtle but fuller look with volume. 

From: £45.00

Mink/Ellipse & Russian Lashes 

These Lashes give an amazing fuller look. Again it promotes natural looking lashes but with a more flattering, feathered look. The Russian lashes are super fine and soft therefore perfect for layering and adding volume.

From: £50.00

Ellipse Soft Lash Infills

Ellipse infills should be done between 2-3 weeks, as some lashes will fall out naturally. Any longer, a full set may be required.


From: £35.00

Lash Removal + Cleanse & Condition

It is vital that lashes are removed professionally to prevent damaging your natural lashes. This treatment safely removes lashes carefully one by one, then we do a quick cleanse around the eyes and condition your lashes.



Just Cluster Lashes (3 lash type)

Cluster lashes come as 3 individual lashes grouped together as one lash. These lashes are a little thicker and heavier. Last 2/4 days.

From: £35.00

Russian Lash Extensions

Russian lashes are beautifully tailored to your requirements. Russian lashes are super fine, super light and great for adding volume and giving you that feathered look, while still looking natural.


From: £58.00

Russian Lash Infills

Russian infills should done between 2-3 weeks as some lashes will naturally fall out. Any longer, a full set maybe required


From: £40.00