COVID-19 Update

Temporarily Closed

Dear All, 

In light of what is currently happening with the coronavirus right now, Scratch Divas has temporarily closed due to the government conditions. For more info please click on link below. 


We have been getting a number of enquiries asking if we are still offering mobile services. As much as we liked to of kept working, it breaks our hearts that we had to stop business & doing what we most enjoy and love everyday.  We want to be safe, we want you to be safe therefore we are following the safety guidelines by the government to help stop the spread of coronavirus. The government conditions stops us from carrying out nail & beauty treatments on our clients because there would be a high risk/chance of contracting coronavirus. Therefore

* We can NOT go to clients houses - Because of self isolating & social distancing and the risk of getting coronavirus.

* We can NOT carry out any treatments - Because YOU  or a family member may have symptoms or have a high chance of getting coronavirus.

* Equipment & Materials - Even though all of our equipment is hygienically cleaned all the time, we do not want to risk the transfer of coronavirus to anybody we come in contact with.

* Client/Therapist contact - Because of the nature of how the virus spreads, we can not under any circumstances risk our therapists or clients contracting coronavirus, as we can't tell who has it & who doesn't.

We do appreciate you getting in touch and wish we could help. However we don't know how long the coronavirus situation will last. We are deeply heartbroken to close the business as its our baby but in these unprecedented times we all need to be safe, keep protected & follow the guidelines by the government so that we halt the spread of this awful disease and get back to normal. 

We do have a BLOG and we will try to update the blog with as much info, tips, and how to's as much as we are able to, we just ask for you to bare with us and be patient. We are having a few glitches with web hosting providers but hopefully we will try and get as much helpful info on our blog as soon as we can. 

We do have 'At Home' Nail & Beauty Kits available - Click on link 

To Visit our blog -

We are missing our lovely clients deeply but we are keeping positive, we hope all of you are keeping safe & we hope to see you all soon 

PS: Shout out to our NHS Heros, we salute you & thank you for all your hard work xx

Thank you for understanding & your support

Take Care

Be Safe 

Scratch Divas Team xx